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  • Suffering From Knee Pain? Here is all you need to know!
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    Knee pain is one of the most common ailments in adults. Day-to-day activities like running, walking, bending, standing, lifting can lead to wear and tear in the knee joints.
    Extreme or chronic knee pain can also signify underlying infections or injuries.
    To treat knee pain and regain mobility, it is crucial to identify the cause behind the uneasiness.
    What are the common knee problems?
    Sprain: A sudden twist in the knee can lead to sprain and uneasiness in the knee ligament or muscle which can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty in walking.
    Damaged Ligament: Injury or blow to the knee can cause wear and tear to the ligaments that enhance stability in the knee. A normal amount of wear and tear can be treated by advising the patient to wear leg braces, while a major injury might require a patient to go through arthroscopy or keyhole surgery.
    We at Indian Spinal Injuries Center treat partial ligament injuries with PRP injection or leg braces. We also treat complete ligament tears with most advanced arthroscopic techniques where patient can go back to normal active lifestyle as early as 6 weeks.
    Meniscus Damage: Twisting injury to the knee can cause damage to the meniscus. Usually the patient with damaged meniscus complains of locking or catching in the knee. It can be managed easily by doing meniscus repair using arthroscopy or keyhole surgery.
    Tendonitis: Performing many activities like cycling, jumping, running can result in overuse or inflammation of the tendons. Tendonitis majorly affects sportsperson, and suffer from jumper’s knee.
    Cartilage Damage: We treat cartilage damage using most advanced regenerative techniques like BMAC and PRP
    Arthritis: A common knee problem in adults as well as young people, that degenerates the knee cartilage causing pain and uneasiness in performing basic day-to-day activities.
    How to diagnose your knee problem?
    The doctor would ask you to run a few tests to determine your medical history to know the problem in your knee.
    These tests include:

    1. X-Ray
    2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    3. Computer Tomography Scan

    Treatments for knee pain
    The doctor will initially treat the ailment with medicine, advising rest or leg brace for some time.
    But if the initial treatment methods fail to improve the condition. The doctor may suggest opting for keyhole or arthroscopy surgery.
    To know more about what is causing your knee pain or treatment options to improve mobility, Consult our Specialist Today!
    You can take the option of Tele-consultation, by dialing 011 42255201/202, or drop an email at info@isiconline.org or appointment@isiconline.org.
    For further information, please visit: https://www.isiconline.org/online-consultation
    Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, is committed to creating a COVID-Free environment for its patients, therefore we have vaccinated all our doctors and support staff. So you can visit us without the fear of getting infected.

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