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chitra“It is essential to stay up-to-date, because treatment techniques are constantly improving. We offer our patients the benefit of the very latest in medical technology…but I believe the greatest healing power lies in the gentle touch of a human hand, the compassion in a human voice…just knowing that some one cares.

I believe my patients are the real heroes, the champions of this world. They strive against all odds and never give up on a chance to get better. We work closely as a team and celebrate every achievement. To see their faces light up with joy, brings a new meaning and purpose to my life.”

Ms. Chitra Kataria
Rehabilitation Head

What is meant by the term “Rehabilitation”?

At ISIC, Rehabilitation has two meanings, while an important objective is to help the patient in improving his/her physical condition and promote recovery through adequate treatment, we also endeavour to make a person as independent as is possible given his/her injury, in order to facilitate an entry into the mainstream of society.

What kind of health problems/ injuries are treated here?

We have had remarkable success in the treatment of paralysis, neurological strokes, post-operative complications, arthritis, spondylitis and backaches. Our aim is to reduce the patient’s dependence on drugs, reduce pain, improve mobility, strengthen muscles and enhance self-reliance.

What is different about ISIC Rehabilitation Services?

ISIC Rehabilitation Centre has the latest medical technology available so that the patients derive maximum benefit from their treatment. Our rehab. professionals are not only fully qualified in their respective fields but many of them are also periodically sent to various countries for specialized training.

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