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Our Spinal Service has over the years established itself into an outstanding and dedicated team, exclusively caring for patients with spinal problems and is currently recognized as one of the leaders in spinal surgery, research, and training in India, as well as internationally.

Ques. What is Spine surgery, who is a spine surgeon?

In Simple language the Spine surgery deals with any ailment which arises from the affliction of spinal column, be it the vertebral bodies, the spinal cord or nerves, protruded intervertebral discs or joints.The specialists who deal with Spinal disorders mentioned are spinal surgeons.

Spinal Surgeon can have a background of Orthopaedic or a neurosurgery. However in order to gain expertise in this complex field, several years of specialist spinal training (after M.S (Ortho) or M.Ch Neurosurgery) is required in the form of fellowships.

Ques. Spinal surgeons deal with what diseases?

Spinal surgeons see and evaluate all patients who have back pain/ leg pain /arm pain and nerve disorders. They can be part of diseases involving the whole body as well as those with local or regional problems in the musculoskeletal system.

Once the patient has been evaluated and found to have a spinal problem, the patient is assessed for the best evidence based treatment. Few of these may need to undergo further investigations including MRI scanning in order to reach a diagnosis based on history and clinical exam.

We deal with conditions as benign as low back pain which affects 70-80% people to spinal tumours, fractures, metabolic diseases (osteoporosis),spinal deformity and devastating spinal cord injuries which can change the course of people’s life forever. Those requiring surgical intervention are appropriately advised regarding the pros and cons of the procedure along with risks before going ahead. The decisions are augmented by psychological and emotional support provided by members of team.

Ques. What facilities and services are available in the department of Spine surgery at ISIC?

It is a one-stop facility that provides management to the patients mentioned above i.e. all variety of spine disorders related conditions. There are highly qualified and well-trained consultant spinal surgeons, spinal anaesthetists, intensivists, specialised physiotherapists,occupational therapists, psychologist, assistive techonologists, orthotists, social workers and peer counselor. A very well developed rehabilitation service adds a great value and helps to improve the outcome for all spinal ailments. The service is supported by spinal fellows who help the consultants in day to day activities. The specialist nurses trained specifically in spinal diseases along with the physical and occupational therapists provide robust support to the patient and service. We have in-house multispecialty support along with world class operative, post op and ICU care. Keeping patient safety as top priority, we routinely use intraoperative real-time neural monitoring, a cutting edge technology, which can help in preventing paralysis and nerve damage during complex spinal surgery such as deformity correction and tumour excision and reconstruction. Minimal reconstructive techniques are used for prolapsed disc excision/decompression and cementing (kypho and vertebroplasty) / fixation of vertebral bodies. Moreover the service has strong emphasis on continuous technological and medical education. All the latest evidence based care options are available including minimal invasive surgery.

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