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Assistive technology

Assistive technology services help people to select, buy and use assistive technology devices. This could include a pre-purchase evaluation to help determine which devices best fit their individual needs, training on how to use the devices after acquiring them and providing maintenance and repair.

Assistive Technology Department of ISIC is working with the University of Pittsburgh, USA for transferring the latest technology in the Indian context. The various comprehensive services based on needs and goals offered are specific –

  • Personal mobility seating and positioning systems: Manual and Electric Wheelchairs and foam, gel and air cushions for proper seating.
  • Specialized computer equipment and software, such as adaptive keyboards, monitors and voice recognition programs.
  • Ergonomic workstation designs.
  • Home and workplace modifications.
  • Environmental control units for home, work or school.
  • Vehicle modifications.
  • Adaptive driving evaluation and training.

Services provided at ISIC-

  • Wheelchair Assessment and Prescription for all types of wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair Assembly and Fitting as per the requirement
  • Wheelchair Trial and Training
  • Seating and Positioning System for the Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Skills Training
  • Wheelchair handling and maintenance instructions
  • Computer Accessibility Evaluation
  • Adaptive Computer Devices Fabrication, Voice Operating Systems
  • Home and Work-site Modification Evaluation and Suggestions
  • Personal Vehicle Accessibility Evaluation and Modification

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