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Sprawled over 15 acres of land with a covered building area of 20,000 square meters, ISIC provides a world class medical management, comprehensive rehabilitation, research and training. The hospital has 200 beds, state of the art intensive care units, six operation theaters backed by latest diagnostic and treatment facilities, 24 hour ambulance and emergency facilities.

What Patients say about Us ?

  • I had the privilege of meeting Dr Kalidutta Das as he he was my uncles doctor. From our initial consultation to the day of the surgery, he meticulously explained every aspect, leaving no room for doubt or concern. His confidence in the operating room was truly reassuring, making the entire experience much less daunting. I can not express enough how grateful i am for Dr kalidutta Das knowledge, compassionate care for my uncle, and extensive experience. He made what could have been a stressful ordeal into a smooth and positive journey towards recovery.

    Mr. Sagal Hussein
  • Dear Sir,

    I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and support you provided to my mother during her recent consultation at the Indian Spinal Injuries Center. Your expertise, kindness, and dedication made a significant difference in her comfort and our peace of mind.

    Your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my mother’s well-being did not go unnoticed. We truly appreciate your compassionate approach and the thorough explanations you provided regarding her condition and treatment options.

    Thank you once again for your outstanding care. We are fortunate to have met such a skilled and caring doctor like you.

    Ms. Sarla Verma
  • # Dr. Pushkar Chawla is the best

  • # Had been in touch for a long time and underwent surgery earlier also. 
    Doctors were outstanding. Had a highly satisfactory experience. 
    Great feeling.
  • # Dr. Raj Kumar is a very good Professional, very good Human being and caring for his patients. 
    God Bless TEAM ISIC !
  • My wife was diagnosed with Potts Spine in Cervical. I consult Dr Neeraj Gupta in very critical position in Feb 2023 and his expert care was a game-changer for my wife Pott’s Spine recovery. His knowledge and compassion were evident in every step of the treatment. Grateful for his exceptional care and positive impact on our lives. Highly recommend. Now my wife has fully recovered. Thanks to the doctor.

    Mr. S. K. Sinha
  • # The Team of Doctors  in the Emergency and ICU were very nice, especially Dr. Prashant (from ICU Team). 
    They tried their level best.
  • I was admitted as a patient in the CCU from 28-12-2023 to 04-01-2024. The reason I decided to report to the Emergency was a clockwise shifting pain from lower back to the left shoulder to the left chest area. I was subjected to the required investigation process to determine my health status.
    My first encounter in the ward was with the nursing staff who went about their business in a professional and courteous manner.
    I remember having been checked by Dr. Aseem Dhall and other doctors on duty.
    Gradually, I realized that I was in safe hands. More than my own judgment, I was informed by my wife that Dr. Dhall was kind enough to brief her on my condition and the line of treatment.  That was very reassuring that as Director and Head Cardiology Department, he had the patience and time to interact with family members of the patients.  My wife appeared to be totally at ease with the way I was being looked after.  With more doctors like Dr. Dhall at ISIC, India is sure to attract patients from all over the world, another step toward self-reliant India.
    Doctors anywhere are expected to take care of patients.  What distinguishes one is the human touch, a caring attitude and a professional conduct in a compassionate manner to send the message that as a patient one’s being treated as a human being and not as a number or a casefile.
    When I met Dr. Dhall again on 11-01-2024, I found him to be smiling who made me feel comfortable as if I had already recovered fully.
    Mr. Lalit Bhatnagar Wing Commander (Retd.)
  • Ashu Gupta was admitted w/h of # L1 with zero sensitivity in under waist and both legs. After clinical evaluation, Dr. Gururaj M, had done outstanding surgery on 14-09-23 and thereafter referred to Rehab department for physiotherapy from 21-09-23. The under mentioned dedicated doctors/ therapists under leadership of Dr. Chitra Kataria team has taken care of Ashu Gupta and started to achieve the goal of restoration of sensation and to make Ashu Gupta self reliant to do his routine activities.

    1- Dr. Chitra Kataria, HOD
    2- Dr. Ramesh Chandra
    3 – Dr. Kanu Mallick
    4- Dr. Saket Gaurav
    5- Dr. Nikhil Garg
    6- Dr. Randhir Lal Ranjan

    The above team of doctors and all other attenders/ ward boys are kind enough and very very supportive to Ashu during entire rehab tenure. Every day they welcomed Ashu with smiling face and conducted all required physiotherapy and exercise with maximum parental care and affection. I am extremely delighted and impressed to see that during session they have not only confined themselve to Ashu’s exercise/therapy but also keep on boosting his willpower and high morale all the time, the most required elements for rehab of such patient.

    With the help of dedicated team, Ashu has recovered sensation upto heel in left leg, upto knee in right leg and can also shift himself from wheel chair to combod and car well before the time set for first phase of goal. On behalf of Gupta Family, I salute the DOCTORS/TEAM/WARD BOY/THERAPIST and all other para medical staffs who have extended their impartial hard/honest service/efforts to Ashu Gupta with smiley face and utmost nice behavior & dedication.

    Best Wishes to all the doctors/team/therapists/ward boy/attenders for their bright, glittering carrier
    years to come.

    Mr. Ashu Gupta
  • # Many Thanks to Mamta Jii to be very receptive to our request.

    Ms. Mudhulika
  • # Dr. Tarush and his team are excellent. 
    # Nursing staff, ward boys and housekeeping everyone were very helpful to me and doing great work. 
    Special thanks to Dr. Tarush R. and Joicy sister and Steve brother.
  • Dr. Ankur Nanda, he rocks !
  • # Dr. Gururaj’s Consultation is very effective and the way he was directing me is really very well.
      Really professional way & excellent Doctor.
    Mr. Abhishek singh
  • # Dr. Kalidutta Das is really the best Spine Doctor all over India. He is very cooperative. 
    Appreciated hospital as well !
  • I had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Neeraj Gupta Sir, for my spine tumor. From the moment I walked into the hospital, I was impressed by the professionalism and warmth of Dr. and their team. They took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure, answer all my questions, and any concerns I had.
    During the surgery, Dr. exhibited exceptional surgical skill and precision. I felt confident and reassured knowing that I was in capable hands. Post-surgery, Dr. provided attentive follow-up care, ensuring my recovery was smooth and comfortable.
    What sets Dr. Neeraj gupta sir apart is their genuine care and compassion for their patients. They truly go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome and make you feel like more than just a patient, but a valued individual.
    I highly recommend Dr. Neeraj Gupta to anyone in need of surgical care.
    Ms. Yashika Garg
  • This is to inform you that my wife, Mousumi Kumar, had acute back pain, and after taking an appointment with Dr. Ankur Nanda, we went to meet Dr. Nanda on 20.1.2024. We are from Kolkata, and I have worked as Chief Manager (A&W) at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Kolkata. I have some very good observations about your hospital, which are given below:

    Dr. Ankur Nanda is a knowledgeable doctor and a very decent human being. He is a genuine man and tries to help all patients. He gives proper time and respect to his patients. If a doctor gives importance to his patient, then 50% of the disease is over. I love and salute your doctor for his outstanding work.

    Your marketing office, Mr. Junaid Akhtar of your hospital, is a very caring office. He is easily available and tries to help us honestly.

    Your majority of staff are also very decent, polite, and helpful. During my wife’s treatment, I met Mr. Aladin (ward boy of Dr. Nanda), Mr. Binit Kumar, and Mr. Narendra at your cash counter and also X Ray department. They are also very decent and helpful.

    I feel very happy to tell my friends and relatives about your good hospitality. My best wishes to you and your team.

    Thanking you,

    Mr Ronendra Kumar, Ex Chief Manager, (A&W) IOCL (MD)
  • Thank you so much. You made him walk. Treatment is one thing, but the connection and impact you have on him and our family which speaks a lot about you.
    “Abhi kalyug Nahi Aaya Hai”, that is why there are still good people around. you are one of them.

    Daughter of Patient – Mr. R.C. Bhatia
  • I have suffered a lot due to my spinal problems before I met Dr Kalidutta Das. Indeed, he’s a living God in disguise, a blessing for me. Before, I met him, I was bedridden with unbearable back pain since a year which left me almost partially paralysed by my left leg. My family were quite worried about my health, so they took me to Indian Spinal injuries centre Delhi. When Dr. Das saw me he immediately diagnosed my problem and got me admitted in the Everest ward and I was opreated upon the very next day i.e on 4th of July 2023.
    After that surgery miraculously, I regained my health back and started walking again like before and all my back pain and discomforts were gone. I feel so much relieved and feeling like reborn. Today, I can do everything that I earlier used to do. I have no words to thank Dr.Das, his team and Indian spinal injuries centre Delhi.. Whenever, I visit Delhi I manage out time and make it sure to make a courtesy visit to Dr. Das and the hospital because it’s because of him I’m smiling today. May Almighty God bless Dr. Das in abundance with healthy and long life to serve people like us..🙏🏻♥️

    Ms.Tumbom Riba Lilly
  • # Awesome. 

    1000 stars for Doctor Neeraj Gupta Jii !

  • # I thanks to Dr Kali Dutta Das !
    He is a very cooperative person. 
    Once again, thanks for all the great staff of ISIC.
  • # Excellent service !
    Great experience with Dr.Tarush and really good overall staff !
  • ” इंडियन स्पाइनल इंज्यूरियस हॉस्पिटल मैं, डॉक्टर रिताब कुमार मित्तल बहुत ही अच्छे विश्वसनीय डॉक्टर है I 
    पेशेंट को सहानुभूति देना – पेशेंट कहता है मैं बहुत बीमार हूं, तब आदरणीय डॉक्टर साहब यह कहते हैं, आपको जल्दी से ठीक करके हम घर भेज देंगे, जिससे मरीज अंदर से बहुत खुश होता है  I 
    आदरणीय डॉक्टर साहब की जितनी भी तारीफ की जाए उतनी कम है ! 
    हमारी तरफ से डॉक्टर साहब को अस्पताल के स्टाफ को, बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद प्रणाम !! ” 
    Mr. AMAN
  • # A very very special thanks to Dr. Rajat Mahajan. An excellent doctor with lots of patience who listens to the queries of the attendants and answers them. 

  • # I am very happy with the treatment… Doctor Jitesh is of very kind and gentle behaviour….Gives genuine consult to the patient….Recommended for the treatment….  

  • I, on behalf of Gupta Family express our gratitude for excellent # L 1 surgery and the treatment provided by you with truly parental care and utmost dedication, really we are blessed. I also appreciate your abilities and the help you make every day to us.

    I have great confidence on you. Your hard work & dedication are an inspiration to all.

    “Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for Ashu and family.”

    Ashu and family
  • “Doctor Deepak Raina is brilliant” !

  • Dr. Dinesh Suman is good doctor and always so nice to make patient understand the all Clinical action

    Mr. Mohd Shaham
  • #Dr Das, is very cooperative and helping,
    Nursing staffs are very good and cooperative, n other services were excellent.
    I m grateful to the ISIC because they are provided me such excellent services.

    Ms. Neha Sharma and Mr Pathania  excellent worker
    they are for the institution,they are very cooperative and helping,and their support and services let the institution to a greater height.
    I bless them and want that each and every staff will become as they are,because they are role model of the institution.

    Rajiv Kumar Dubey
  • Dr Deepak Raina and his team

    Actually it was a sort of home stay, the human touch is important for healing and that was in abundance during our treatment stay at the hospital. Dr Deepak and his team were simply extraordinary

  • DR. Ritabh

    It was excellent experience and heart touching experience with Dr Ritabh

  • Dr. Harpreet

    is an ideal doctor for inspiring others.

    A K JHA
  • Dr. Ankur Nanda 

    is not only a good person but having expertise in his field.

  •  Dr. Ankur Nanda is Very good

  • # Very nice experience with hospitals.

    Dr.  Harpreet is a good surgeon.

  • # Excellent service received from all departments.

    Dr Arun Sharma and Dr Mohit Singh are very polite and they described every aspect genuinely.

    Really appreciate it.

  • Dr Pushkar Chawla is God

  • I am writing this email in appreciation of the Doctors, Physio/Occupational therapists and other supporting staffs who were directly or indirectly involved during my treatment in your organization from Nov 28 2022. My ailment was handled with utmost care and professionalism for which I and family members will always be grateful and thankful to your organization and staff members.

     My sincere thanks to treating Doctors 1) Dr. A.K. Sahni for early diagnosis of the ailment and starting medication without any delay, continuous support and timely advise 2) Dr. A. K. Nanda for carrying investigation with Spinal related ailment angle. 3) From Rehabilitation department, special mention for Dr. Hemant, Dr. Alpana, Dr. Randhir, Dr. Hitesh, Dr. Anand and Dr. Ramesh for assessing, programming exercises and their support in exercising. Last but not the least, all the Rehab supporting staff who took great care during my rehabilitation.

     Without any hesitation, I will highly recommend and share my treatment experience at ISIC with my family & friends.

    Mr Richardson Lal
  • I am Varnika, Mahesh uncle’s niece.
    Wanted to thank you and the entire team of the hospital who have worked day and night for the betterment of uncle. Wishing you and them heartiest gratitude for your greatest contribution. Though uncle is no more between us, but your efforts are highly appreciated.
    Thank you for being the hope. Thank you for not giving up till the end. Thank you for risking your own life. Thank you for your bravery.
    Literally thank you is a very small word, we can never thank you enough for all your services.

    Ms Varnika
  • Dear Doctor,

    I have been practising as Dental Surgeon for last 21years in Govt Setup. I came for my mother’s treatment two months back and since then we have been coming to you.

    Sir, what you and your staff has given me is unexplainable. I saw you handling patients very patiently, addressing concerns and making them feel happy . This has opened a whole new world for me as doctor. Being in govt setup I always had concerns how can I see so many patients and use to get irritated very quickly but after seeing you a new life has come to my practise and handling patients. I can see so clearly that the kind of patience you show them in fact gives incredible results and there is so much satisfaction.

    Thank you so much sir

    Dr. Shalini Bansal
  • I found the service offered by ISIC Hospital, friendly and efficient. Many thanks for the costings for crowns, most appreciated. I agree that the hospital may use my comments on your website and blog providing that my contact details are not used.

    Mrs. Santosh Kukreja
  • I have been meaning to send an email to the hospital to express my thankfullness in the work. I have been very pleased with the work carried out. I have no hesitation in returning if I need future work done as well I have recomended people to this Hospital.

    Mr. Manish Mehta
  • The philosophy of the institute is to constantly strive towards the excellence. I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely impressed with my visit to the hospital in April – your service was amazing and the facilities were first class. You should be very proud of what you offer to your customers

    Ms. Kanika Gupta
  • Before coming to ISIC, I had not only damaged my spine but also, my confidence. Today I live a happy, self-reliant life with my wife and kids.

    Abu Ahmed Majid, Oman
  • Indian Spinal Injuries Centre deserves an applaud because it has specialized doctors as well as nurses who carry their duty with compassion and dedication.

    Saleh Bashir, Nigeria
  • The facilities provided at the Rehabilitation department in the hospital are world class. I am thankful to all the therapists and the hospital staff.

    Geoffrey Kamore Kagiri, Nigeria
  • Every section of the hospital is doing their work in the right direction. Facilities at rehabilitation are excellent. I want to thank the physiotherapists who inspired me and now I can sit on my own where as I was brought bed ridden to the hospital.
    Usman Tukur, Nigeria

    Usman Tukur, Nigeria
  • I am Miss Madhuri Bhide, aged 33, a quadriplegic from last 10 years residing in Mumbai, have been your patient at ISIC from October- December 2004 for rehabilitation. I was operated after my accident in Mumbai for C5 spine fracture by Dr Ram Chaddha and he had recommended me to ISIC.Slowly with practice I could eat, write, type, brush and do many more activities independently on my own after observing few in ISIC. After getting back to Mumbai from ISIC, I appeared for the degree engineering graduation exam in college which I had missed due to the accident. I completed graduation as B.E COMPUTERS in 2005. Later I started with private tutions from home and small scale online work.Now I have been working as an Academic writer from last few years and also conduct private tutions for school going children
    I really wanted to write to you from long time but lazy me never could not do it before.
    I very much remember you and your whole staff and cherish my time in ISIC. I made lots of friends there and got inspiration from them which really motivated me to fight with the difficulties in life. I owe the credit to you to whatever I am today and for bringing that positivity in my life especially in that initial difficult phase of my SCI life.

    Will always remember you, and will always be grateful,

    Thank you for everything,

    Madhuri Bhide

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