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In accordance with our vision, having established a sound service delivery program conforming to the highest quality standards, we at ISIC are focusing our attention on education and research. To this end, our doctors and researchers have undertaken several clinical research projects. Our aim is to develop a facility which would provide a platform for basic researchers to interact closely with clinicians with a mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to existing therapeutic loopholes in medical science. Efforts to this effect are reflected in the following completed/ongoing clinical research projects undertaken at ISIC.


Dr. Vandana Phadke

Dr. Phadke is a physiotherapist with doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences from University of Minnesota, USA. Her research interests are related to kinematic analysis of human movement and exercise prescription. She has established a motion analysis lab at ISIC and leads a DST funded study on chronic low back pain patients. She is a recognized PhD mentor for physiotherapy at GGSIPU, Delhi.

Dr. Puja Nagpal

Dr. Nagpal is doctorate from National Institute of Immunology,Delhi. She has earned her Masters in Biotechnology from BITS Pilani and Bachelors in Pharmacy from IIT BHU. Her research interests include Platelet rich plasma therapy, Pressure Ulcer treatment, Nerve Regeneration for SCI treatment, Polymer scaffolds and conduit for three dimensional Organ culture and Molecular diagnostic Marker.

Dr. Shakti Goel

Dr. Goel is an Orthopaedic-Spine surgeon. He did his fellowship in surgical & translational research at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, fellowship in spine from University of Colorado, USA and AO spine Fellowship from ISIC. His research interests include developing novel methods for cure of paralysed patients, skill development and disease management in rural India using tele-medicine and new animal model development for spinal research.

Ms. Rajesh Sharawat

Ms. Sharawat is a Senior Research Associate at ISIC. Her research area in spinal cord injuries include epidemiology, prevention and use of alternative medicine such as meditation. She has been instrumental in developing and maintaining international registries for spinal cord injury and fracture care such as EMSCI, IDAPP, INORMUS. She has published journal articles and book chapters in the field of SCI management.

Completed Projects

  • A prospective observational study to evaluate the role of conservative management in patients with lumbar disc herniation.
  • Development and Validation of the Simplified Classification System for Sub Axial Cervical Spine Injuries.
  • Reliability of type of disc failure classification and sensitivity of MRI over CT.
  • Effectiveness of a secure mobile Phone Application on Adherence and Treatment Outcomes among Patients with Chronic Low Back, Hip or Knee Pain.
  • Contrast enhancing cervical Spondylotic myelopathy- an unusual presentation: case report and review of literature.
  • Comparative analysis of treatment recommendations as per simplified classification system vs TLICS for thoracolumbar fractures – Results of prospective application of the simplified classification system.
  • Comparative analysis of treatment recommendations as per simplified classification system vs SLIC for subaxial cervical spine injuries – Results of prospective application of the simplified classification system.
  • Osteoporotic thoracolumbar fractures with neurological deficits.
  • To study the association of hamstring eccentric isokinetic strength with performance of Nordic hamstring exercise: kinematics and EMG analysis.

Ongoing Projects

The following research projects are currently being undertaken at ISIC :

  • Effectiveness of various diagnostic and management tools for the treatment/management of people with Potts spine in India and its neighboring countries – A prospective, observational Multicentric cohort study.
  • To establish a multi-center basis for future therapeutic interventions in human spinal cord injury (EMSCI study group).
  • ISCoS Database: ASCoN (Asian Spinal Cord Network) Pilot Project (IDAPP).
  • Effectiveness of autologous platelet rich plasma for the treatment of pressure ulcers in people with spinal cord injury: a randomized, single blind, controlled trial (phase I/II a) .
  • Biomechanical analysis of yoga postures and their effectiveness in the management of chronic low back pain (DST SATYAM funded study).
  • Abdominal FES to reduce respiratory complications in tetraplegia (Neura Sciences Research Australia funded .
  • INORMUS- International orthopedic multicentric study for fracture care (George Institute of Health funded study).
  • IMPAC – Immobilization of Persons at Accident site (ICMR funded study).
  • Spinal cord injury in Indian children: an epidemiological study.
  • miRNA based biomarker analysis of patient suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Invitro spinal disc development from the mesenchymal cells of the degenerative disc.
  • HLA and its correlation with low back pain in the Indian population.

Future Developments

To achieve the aim of an integrated therapeutic and research facility, ISIC is setting up a Basic Research facility as well as an Animal House at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (New Delhi, India) for the Development of Cell-Based Therapies for Spinal Cord Injury Repair

This research facility will include a Mammalian Cell Culture Room, Molecular Biology Lab and will be supported by a well established Animal House.

The role of the Basic Research Facility is to promote and facilitate the use of cell culture as a research tool and provide support to clinicians to study disease progression as well as effect of treatment at the molecular level. This facility will include a cell culture room comprising of state-of-art equipment required for establishment and maintenance of mesenchymal stem cells cell lines as well as primary mammalian cell cultures such as laminar flow hood, CO2 incubators, light phase dissecting microscope, a routine phase contrast microscope, etc. In addition to this, a separate imaging area consisting of a fluorescence microscope with imaging facility will also be provided for immuno-fluorescence studies on cultured cells. Proper areas will be developed in the facility to facilitate culture media preparation, testing and screening, culturing of primary cells and established cell lines as well as their long-term preservation. Infrastructure to undertake advanced molecular and immunological analyses will also be developed.

Along with basic research, ISIC is committed to providing cutting edge treatments to our patients. To this end, a STEM CELL PROCESSING UNIT has been established at ISIC and a clinical trial on the efficacy of stem cell therapy in case of acute spinal injury is going to be initiated shortly by our team of clinicians and researchers.

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