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  • Positive mind is the crucial weapon in the fight against corona
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    A positive mind is the powerhouse of confidence. It even reduces the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression and other stress-related disorders.  But as the world is engulfed with the coronavirus, it’s imperative that we should keep our minds focused and positive to fight against the pandemic. If we focus on positive emotions more than the negative ones then automatically we start viewing our own situation from a constructive perspective no matter how helpless it seems initially.

    While feelings of stress, anxiety and negative thoughts are completely normal in such unprecedented times but overcoming such feelings of distress lies in our own hands. Stress can cause an excess of the hormone cortisol in our bodies, which increases our vulnerability to depression. It also shrinks our synapses, making us less able to think clearly and work productively. Meanwhile, adrenaline (the anxiety chemical) has been shown to have an adverse effect on our immune system – the very last thing anyone needs, at the moment.

    Here are some ways of managing your mental health and regulating your chemical balance, while you are stuck indoors:

    Limit your access to social media and news

    Social media and news channels are full of negative news related to Coronavirus. All these pieces of information make us anxious and worried about the current scenario, thereby making us more prone to pessimism. But that doesn’t mean one should start living under the rock. You can check the social media and news once in a day to stay updated as government is implementing new guidelines every other day. Rest of the time, you can focus on your daily stuff and can switch off all news feeds and email alerts.

    Express gratitude

    No matter how grave your situation looks like at this moment, don’t forget that you are still better than millions in the world. So, always express your gratitude to the people around you be it your family members or friends. If you will continue doing it, you expand your life state and in a way become happy and helpful about the situation. Make it a daily routine of expressing your gratitude to others the moment you wake up.  Make a list of such people whom you can express your gratitude too. Do something for them. Call them and check on their health and if they need any assistance from you.

    Ignore ‘what if’ thoughts

    Our brain has 1000 thoughts in just a second’s time. So, at times it invents catastrophic future scenarios, which makes us, wonder, what will happen if something of this or that sort happens. But when such thoughts come in your mind, it is important that you check your thoughts, and change them and try to think about something positive.  You should think that if the worst also happens, you will fight with it and become victorious in the end. When you have the fighting spirit, it’s comforting. In the end, it is best to keep yourself in a positive zone and in an environment which is productive and also tell your brain that everything would be OK, in the future.

    05 Jun 2020
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