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  • ISIC: The Pioneer in Spinal Injuries Care
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    “The spine is the pillar to health.”

    A healthy spine ensures a happier life! Spine is considered as one of the most important neurological & skeletal structures of the human body. When there’s any discomfort with the spine, visiting a good healthcare organization becomes the need of the hour!
    If we talk about a good healthcare organization, it is built on three tenets – Affordability, Accessibility and Quality. With ISIC commissioned in the year 1997, our over two-decade organization has evolved to provide exceptional and highly-advanced medical care to the common man. We completely live by the motto “a patient for a patient” and provide everything under one roof that an injured patient would need to recover.
    Our healthcare institution has world class medical facilities, comprehensive rehabilitation, research and training. Our state-of-the-art Critical Care units, five operation theaters are backed by latest diagnostic and treatment facilities, with 24-hour ambulance and emergency facilities. Our core specialties include Spine Services, Orthopedics, Neurosciences and Rehabilitation, which are rare to find. Even the internationally trained and acclaimed spine surgeons make use of cutting edge medical and surgical technology to treat their patients.
    Our Spine Care team has dedicated and outstanding professionals, who exclusively care for patients with spinal problems. ISIC’s spine service is currently recognized as one of the leaders in spinal surgery, research, and training in India, as well as internationally.
    This is one of the few hospitals that have the best rehabilitation department. It provides complete facilities of physiotherapy, occupational therapy to lead a productive, self-reliant life followed by vocational training which offers the spinal cord injury patients with new hope and confidence of running their households and living their life to the fullest.
    ISIC is much more than a healthcare institute; it is a place filled with hope and the promise of a life worth living !

    04 May 2020
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