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  • #ISICisCOVID19Safe: Don’t Delay Your Spinal Procedure Anymore
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    COVID 19 dramatically changed the world in the last year, affecting people not just medically, but emotionally and financially as well. It has been a difficult time for everyone, especially the people who have been sick. Many patients have been ignoring their medical needs to avoid going to the hospital. The majority of patients opted for Online Consultation. The patient who needs to undergo any kind of surgery is also postponing the procedure. The people who have been suffering from Spinal ailments are also facing the same issues.

    Reasons to avoid surgery during the Pandemic:

    Many people with Spinal issues such as chronic backache, Spinal Cord Injuries, Scoliosis, etc are trying to cope up with pain by intaking painkillers and postponing their surgeries. Due to the following reasons:

    1. People are scared of catching COVID 19 infection, during the procedure
    2. The pandemic time has affected people financially, causing them to postpone their surgeries
    3. Procedures have become costlier with the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposable materials during the surgery and ward care being added.

    However, some of the patients are in acute need of spinal surgery and these patients cannot wait.
    Signs that you should consult a Spinal Specialist immediately
    If you are suffering from the following symptoms, we suggest you consult a Spinal Specialist immediately
    Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control
    Tingling, Burning, or Numbness
    Difficulty Moving Limbs
    Severe Trauma
    Neck Pain Accompanied by Other Symptoms
    Back Pain Accompanied by Fever
    Constant Pain
    What are we doing to ensure a safe procedure?
    Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) has been committed to creating a COVID-19 free environment for the patients, by adhering to all the COVID 19 safety protocol.

    1. Fully vaccinated staff: From doctors, nurses to support staff of the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, everyone has been fully vaccinated to ensure a safe consultation.
    1. Separate Wards: Indian Spinal Injuries Centre cares for your well-being, therefore ISIC ensures a COVID-19 safe environment for the patients by distinguishing the entrance and wards for COVID-19 and flu patients.
    1. Regular sanitization: The hospital premises are regularly sanitized to ensure a safe and hygienic consultation for all the patients.
    1. Face Masks: ISIC has a zero-tolerance policy for patients or staff without a face mask. Entry to patients without a mask is not permissible.
    1. Social Distancing: Indian Spinal Injuries Centre adheres to the norm of social distancing and encourages all the patients to book an appointment before the consultation to avoid waiting and having a safe consultation.

    If you are suffering from any type of Spinal Ailments, ISIC has the best spinal specialists that can take care of your spinal problems. Book your appointment with our Spinal experts today, dial 01142255201 or 01142255202.

    29 Jun 2021
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