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  • Hospitals Following Guideline and Processes to Ensure Patient’s Well Being amid COVID 19
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    The world has come to a halt, with COVID-19 a highly contagious disease spreading rapidly, every day throughout the world. The disease was first identified in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China in December 2019 and spread quickly due to its highly contagious nature, to become a global pandemic. The perils of the pandemic have infected over 9 million people and have claimed over 472K lives throughout the world. India alone has more than 4 lakh confirmed cases and reported 14,011 deaths, until now.
    Since a cure or vaccine to counter the effects of the Coronavirus has not discovered yet, people became homebound to stop the spread of the disease. It is advisable for everyone to stay at home in order to stay safe and only step out if essential. To contain the spread of Coronavirus, governments of many countries announced “lockdown.”
    This “lockdown” has made people scared to step out of their house even in a dire situation. Many people have been ignoring major health issues and barding themselves from visiting a hospital to avoid catching Coronavirus.
    Contrary to this, an individual should be more conscious about their health now more than ever and seek medical care even at the tiniest inconvenience.
    The hospital cares about its patients and hence it adheres to all the guidelines of the government and takes all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its patient.

    Thermal Screening

    From patients to health care experts, support staff, doctors. Everyone will go through thermal screening at the entrance. Any patient with a temperature of 100.0°F or more will be taken to special care facilities.

    Wear a Mask

    Wearing a mask is compulsory. The health and safety of a patient should be the prior most concern and hence no individual will be allowed to enter the hospital without wearing a mask.

    Social Distancing

    Every patient and staff will be asked to maintain social distancing. Every patient will be seated apart, at a distance of at least one meter, to ensure the safety and well being of all the patients.


    To ensure the well being and safety of all the patients, the premises of the hospital is regularly sanitized along with the pieces of equipment.


    Hand hygiene is extremely crucial at all times. In order to maintain hygienic conditions, hand sanitizers are installed throughout the hospital premises and used by all the doctors and support staff. Every patient is advised to sanitize their hands before seeing the doctor.

    Protective gear

    All the Doctors, support staff that come in the contact of the patient will be donning essential protective gear, to save themselves and their patients from the perils of this pandemic and to help contain the spread of the virus throughout the hospital premises.

    Dedicated Wards

    To contain the spread of coronavirus at the hospital premises, a separate special ward has been dedicated to COVID 19 patients only. Only trained nurses and special doctors will be allowed to enter the facility after donning proper protective equipment and gears.

    So don’t ignore the signs and be afraid to visit a hospital. Any ignored symptom can pose a bigger threat for tomorrow. Taking a risk of your health at tough times like these is strictly unadvisable and dangerous on many levels, as you might not just risk your life but the life of your loved ones too.

    19 Sep 2020
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