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  • COVID 19: Deficiency of Vitamin D, May Increase The Risk In Children
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    Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient, that helps regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the human body and build strong bones. Vitamin D has also been credited for the development of immunity in the human body. Many researchers have claimed the role of vitamin D in reducing the risk of illness from COVID‑19.

    The deficiency of Vitamin D is known to be the most prevalent micronutrient deficiency in the world, especially in the children of developing countries.

    The current pandemic situation and rising cases of coronavirus, makes deficiency of Vitamin D, a bigger challenge, especially in children.

    A research was conducted to test the relation between Vitamin D and COVID 19, where patients testing positive for Coronavirus were checked for deficiency of Vitamin D.

    “It found that patients who had lower vitamin D levels were more likely to have a positive COVID-19 test. It’s not completely clear why, but it’s possible low vitamin D levels may not be the cause of virus susceptibility but rather a marker, which is tagging along with other underlying health problems” said the concerned researcher.

    How to know if my child has Vitamin D deficiency?

    If your child shows these symptoms frequently, they might be suffering from  Vitamin D deficiency:

    1. Catching infection or getting sick frequently
    2. Feeling lethargic or tired all the times
    3. Pain in bones, especially joints or backache
    4. Feeling low or depressed
    5. Slow healing of wounds, after surgery or injury

    If the doctor suspects  vitamin D deficiency in the child,  specific blood tests are done to determine the cause and severity of deficiency and Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation given accordingly.

    How to ensure a healthy Vitamin D level in your children?

    To ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, make sure they are getting enough sunlight. Sunlight is the natural and most effective source of Vitamin D, thats why it is also called as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. Be mindful about the time your child spends in the sun, as the excess of sunlight can cause skin burn.

    Make your child eat Vitamin D and Calcium rich diet, by adding eggs, milk, fish rich in omega fatty acids and cod liver oil in their food.

    Take care of your children in these difficult times and be mindful of their behavioral changes. If your child shows signs of illness or feels agitated, get medical consultation while sitting inside your home and rush to hospital only on Doctor’s advice.

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    19 May 2021
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