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    I have suffered a lot due to my spinal problems before I met Dr Kalidutta Das. Indeed, he’s a living God in disguise, a blessing for me. Before, I met him, I was bedridden with unbearable back pain since a year which left me almost partially paralysed by my left leg. My family were quite worried about my health, so they took me to Indian Spinal injuries centre Delhi. When Dr. Das saw me he immediately diagnosed my problem and got me admitted in the Everest ward and I was opreated upon the very next day i.e on 4th of July 2023.
    After that surgery miraculously, I regained my health back and started walking again like before and all my back pain and discomforts were gone. I feel so much relieved and feeling like reborn. Today, I can do everything that I earlier used to do. I have no words to thank Dr.Das, his team and Indian spinal injuries centre Delhi.. Whenever, I visit Delhi I manage out time and make it sure to make a courtesy visit to Dr. Das and the hospital because it’s because of him I’m smiling today. May Almighty God bless Dr. Das in abundance with healthy and long life to serve people like us..🙏🏻♥️

    03 Feb 2024
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    By isic

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