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  • Mr. Ashu Gupta
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    Ashu Gupta was admitted w/h of # L1 with zero sensitivity in under waist and both legs. After clinical evaluation, Dr. Gururaj M, had done outstanding surgery on 14-09-23 and thereafter referred to Rehab department for physiotherapy from 21-09-23. The under mentioned dedicated doctors/ therapists under leadership of Dr. Chitra Kataria team has taken care of Ashu Gupta and started to achieve the goal of restoration of sensation and to make Ashu Gupta self reliant to do his routine activities.

    1- Dr. Chitra Kataria, HOD
    2- Dr. Ramesh Chandra
    3 – Dr. Kanu Mallick
    4- Dr. Saket Gaurav
    5- Dr. Nikhil Garg
    6- Dr. Randhir Lal Ranjan

    The above team of doctors and all other attenders/ ward boys are kind enough and very very supportive to Ashu during entire rehab tenure. Every day they welcomed Ashu with smiling face and conducted all required physiotherapy and exercise with maximum parental care and affection. I am extremely delighted and impressed to see that during session they have not only confined themselve to Ashu’s exercise/therapy but also keep on boosting his willpower and high morale all the time, the most required elements for rehab of such patient.

    With the help of dedicated team, Ashu has recovered sensation upto heel in left leg, upto knee in right leg and can also shift himself from wheel chair to combod and car well before the time set for first phase of goal. On behalf of Gupta Family, I salute the DOCTORS/TEAM/WARD BOY/THERAPIST and all other para medical staffs who have extended their impartial hard/honest service/efforts to Ashu Gupta with smiley face and utmost nice behavior & dedication.

    Best Wishes to all the doctors/team/therapists/ward boy/attenders for their bright, glittering carrier
    years to come.

    13 Feb 2024
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