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  • What is a Bladder Management Programme?
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    A bladder management programme allows you to plan for bladder emptying in an acceptable manner when it is convenient for you. This helps you to avoid accidents and prevent infections. Your level and type of injury will affect the choice you and your doctor make for your bladder programme. Because each person’s injury is different, your doctor will probably conduct some tests to see how your bladder functions. You also need to consider your hand function. How easy is it for you to do your own bladder programme? Can you manage alone or will you need help? During your rehabilitation you learn different ways to empty your bladder. The methods most frequently used are intermittent catheterisation; indwelling catheter; and the condon external catheter for male. You may use just one programme or a combination of methods. You will decide the method that works best for you. You can prevent leaking and have a pleasant outing by regulating your water intake Maintaining a voiding diary may help you plan A voiding diary is a statement of water intake Vs urine output in relation to time By analysing the diary, one can find out that by regulating the water intake at these trines, one can reduce my urine output a specified times to be comfortable.

    09 May 2016
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