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  • What all equipment should I have before I start catheterization?
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    Catheters can be either:

    The reusable catheters should be stored in a clean wooden container. Should be kept dry. Before use, the catheter should be washed in running water and flick dry Take care of not letting any dust accumulate in the wooden box.

    Box of tissues or cotton swabs and small gauze pieces. A dish to collect the urine This would not be required when you catherise on or besides the lavatory.

    Soap and water. If there is no conveniently placed washbasin, use a bowl of water on a chair or table. Your hands and urethral opening should be washed before catherising.

    A mirror (e.g. a shaving mirror) A mirror is helpful when a female has to find her urethral opening. It can be stood on the bed or stool or hooked over the front of the lavatory.

    Lubricant (water soluble, not Vaseline) This is important for males to enable the catheter to slide easily and negotiate the bends. KY jelly, Lidojel or an anesthetic gel such as lignocaine (XYLOCAINE?2%) can be used. Women generally find they do not need a lubricant once they become skilled in catherisating.

    09 May 2016
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