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  • Types Of Bowel
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    The program that you should follow will depend on your level of injury that in turn will determine whether your bowel is ‘AUTOMATIC’ or ‘FLACCID / LIMP


    If your level of injury is above L1, you will have an Automatic Bowel

    • In this case the sphincter in the anus stays shut until there is stimulation m the bowel to make it open so that the stool can come out
    • An automatic bowel will move in response to a suppository or stimulation try a finger.


    This occurs if your level of injury is L1 or below.

    • In this case sphincter of the anus is limp and the person with this kind of bowel has incontinence.
    • A flaccid bowel does not respond to finger stimulation.
    09 May 2016
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