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  • Traveling by train
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    There is a train concession given by the government upto 25% for the disabled person and 25% for the carer.

    Pre Preparations

    • Make sure that your tickets are booked
    • Must have a bowel movement before you start your journey
    • For women who are either tapping or using intermittent catheterisation it may be advisable to switch to indwelling catheterisation for the journey for ease and hygiene
    • Make sure you carry your medicines and also other common medicines you might need like lomotil etc.
    • Carry some eatables preferably salty that you may need in case of sudden lowering of blood pressure

    As the door and the passage in the train are very narrow you may need to be carried by two people tilt your seat.

    09 May 2016
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    By isic

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