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  • Steps for Self CIC: for men
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    • Collect the equipment needed: Catheter, clean cottons swab clean tissue or gauge pieces, dish for urine collection, lubricant, clean water and soap to wash hands, waterproofing and towel.
    • Get into the position you find comfortable. sitting on the toilet, wheelchair or bed.
    • Get the clothing out of the way. Spread the waterproof protection.
    • Wash hands and the end of the penis drawing back the foreskin if possible.
    • Squeeze out two blobs of Xylocaine jelly on clean tissue or gauge pieces; discard the first blob. For anyone with a sensitive urethra it may also be advisable to squeeze some lignocaine gel directly into the urethra.Allow 4 minutes for the local anesthetic to take effect before passing the catheter. Once you are good at catheterisation, the anesthetic effect of lignocaine may not be needed.
    • Place the dish between the legs to collect the urine.
    • With your left hand (if you are right handed) hold the penis out straight, away from the body to help straighten the urethra. Do not grip the penis too tightly as this may prevent the catheter passing.
    • Take the catheter out of its container, dip the tip into the second blob of lubricant, taking care not to let the jelly block the holes in the catheter
    • Insert the catheter slowly into the opening of the urethra and continue pushing gently until the urine flows into a dish. If the catheter sticks just before it enters the bladder, wait a minute for the sphincter muscle to relax and then gently push it in a little further.
    • When the urine stops flowing strain to try to push out any remaining urine and insert the catheter one or two cm, further.
    • Remove the catheter slowly. If at any stage more urine starts to flow, wait until it finishes.
    • Rinse through the catheter with running water and return it to its container.
    09 May 2016
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