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  • Program for an Automatic Bowel
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    • Start with a suppository
    • Insert the prescribed suppository at your scheduled time.
    • If a suppository works quickly for you insert it while sitting on a toilet or commode when this is possible. If it takes over 15 minutes insert it while lying on your left side

    Steps for inserting a Suppository

    • With the gloved finger lubricated with KY jelly push the suppository about 2 cms Gently push it to the right or left side to make sure it is in direct contact with the bowel wall.
    • Drink a cup of tea or coffee or do anything that generally helps to bring on a bowel movement for you, go back to your pre-injury habit
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    • If not on a toilet or commode transfer after 15?20 minutes Sitting time should not exceed 30 minutes
    • After being seated put your feet on the footstool to get into as much of a “squatting” position as possible Massage the upper abdomen from right to left and down several times.
    • If you are unable to sit then lie on your left side If a bedpan is to be used do so with care
    • If on the second day there has still been no bowel movement repeat the suppository. If there are no results within the expected time, do a digital finger stimulation.

    How to calculate the time a suppository would take for action?

    In the beginning it will be helpful to keep a careful record of your bowel pattern transfer to the toilet seat, insert the suppository and wait. Note the time that it takes for the bowel movement to occur. This time varies from person to person and you have to find out for yourself how much time you need. You should also observe how different kinds of food affect your bowel movements and use them accordingly to influence your, bowel movement favourably.

    09 May 2016
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