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    To prevent pressure sores it is essential that you lie & sit on a soft surface, that reduces pressure on bony areas

    mattressIt is best to lie an a flat surface with a thick spongy mattress. A thick foam rubber mattress often works well. However some foam are so spongy that it sinks completely down under weight. Then the bony areas are no longer protected from pressure Therefore, the right mattress should be firm, thick and smooth.

    Careful placement of pillows, cushions or soft folded blankets can also help prevent pressure sores. Correct positioning not only prevents pressure sore but also prevent contractures. In a wheelchair also always use a firm cushion, sitting directly on a canvas or metal seat can cause sores.


    Proper lying position is very important to prevent bed sores.

    Care of Pressure Sores

    Watch for the first sign of a pressure sore by examining the whole body every day. You can do this yourself by using a long handled mirror

    mattress-img3If you can notice any of the danger signs, e.g. , redness, paleness, darkness, warmth or unnatural wrinkles over any susceptible points, then avoid pressure on that area until the warning signs disappear. This means not lying or sitting on that particular part.

    09 May 2016
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