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  • How would my urinary system be affected by the SCI?
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    Depending upon the type and level of your injury, some functions of the bladder will be affected either temporarily or permanently. Some of the common changes that you may observe are

    • Lack of sensation of
      bladder fullness and/or
      bladder fullness recognised by excessive sweating. flushing, tremors headache
    • Inability to judge urine leakage that occurs without one’s knowledge
    • Inability to control passage of urine 4 Inability to pass urine at all or fully.
    • Inability to pass urine at all or fully.

    Depending upon neurological status, each person will observe ether one or various combinations of above mentioned symptoms. Neurological recovery takes a long time and this period may vary from few weeks to months to years. Therefore, the final behaviour pattern of bladder function will also take time to emerge

    Immediately after SCI, the spinal is in a shock phase During this phase, there is complete inactivity of the bladder and its muscles are not capable of contraction Therefore, the bladder will continue to store large volumes of urine, becoming over distended. This state of over distention is detrimental for eventual bladder muscle recovery and imparts over stretching and thinning of its muscle Over distension prevented by an indwelling catheter placed in the bladder to keep it empty This n catheter is passed via the urethra and connected to a collection bag Between, ? 4 weeks when the spinal shock begins to wear, the indwelling catheter is removed and you will start doing intermittent catheterisation scheduled every 445 hours

    09 May 2016
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