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  • How to protect your skin & prevent pressure sores?
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    • Avoid staying in the same position for very long. When lying down, turn from side to side and front to back every 2 hours. When sitting lift body up arid change position every 10?15 minutes.
    • Do not rub or scrape skin across bed or wheelchair when transferring or changing position.
    • Use soft, clean, dry bed sheets. Keep all clothing & bed linen free of wrinkles
    • Keep dry! Change wet clothing and/ or bed linen promptly. a person who stays wet gets pressure sores especially if it is from URINE
    • Bathe daily and dry thoroughly by patting, not rubbing.
    • Examine the whole body carefully everyday, checking especially those areas where sores are most likely to occur.
      • Look for the danger signs: –
      • Pinkness / Redness
      • Paleness
      • Darkness
      • Unnatural wrinkles
      • Warmth
      • If any of the danger signs are present, take care to prevent pressure over this area until skin returns to normal.
    • Good Food is important for preventing pressure sores Be sure that you eat well, but do not become fat. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans, eggs, meat, fish, and milk products. Ghee & Oil are to be avoided.
    09 May 2016
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