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  • How to keep the. urinary system healthy?
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    Individuals with SCI are more likely to have urinary infection or other urinary problems with the urinary system. To avoid problems and keep you’re urinary system healthy.

    Empty your bladder completely

    After Your SCI your bladder often does not empty completely l?he residual ur ine becomes a breeding medium from bacteria and germs that may cause infection

    Use a “clean technique” catheterisation

    Always wash your hands before arid after doing catheterisation Be sure your catheter and equipment are clean Read the chapter on Clean Intermittent Catheterisation.

    Keep skin clean and dry

    Change your wet or soiled clothes immediately to avoid any bacterial growth n the genital area. Clean the area around the genitals with soap and water everyday.

    Drink plenty of liquids

    A steady intake of fluids helps “wash?out” bacteria and waste materials. Drinking the recommended amount of liquids helps avoid problems. How much fluid you need to drink each day depends on your bladder management. Water is the best fluid to drink.

    Keep bladder pressures low

    While you need to drink the recommended amount of fluid, you also need to empty your bladder on a regular schedule. Do not let more than 400cc of urine collect in your bladder anytime.

    09 May 2016
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