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  • Give me tips on wheelchair maintenance
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    It is important to keep your wheelchair in the best condition so as to avoid an accident or inconvenience at the wrong time. Oiling is important for easy maneuvering. Folding and detachable parts if not oiled can give a problem when you are all dressed to go out. Try and stick to a fortnightly oiling schedule. A detailed maintenance chart is given below.

    • Wheelchair Part : Maintenance Required
    • Casters : Oiling fortnightly and replacement when required
    • Brakes : Tightening once a month
    • Rear Wheels : Change when required. Pneumatic tyres will require air filling fortnightly and puncture repair when required
    • Seat cover and back cover : Regular washing and changing when they begin to tear from the sides
    • Arm rests : Oiling of locking pin fortnightly. Keep checking the springs of the locking pins
    • Foot rests : Oiling of detachable parts fortnightly
    • Hand rims : Tighten the screws of the propelling knobs once a Month
    • Axle : Oiling fortnightly and replacement of ball bearings once a ear
    • Cross brace : Oiling of folding rods fortnightly.
    09 May 2016
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