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    bowel1Losing bowel control with bowel accidents is probably the most embarrassing and frustrating experience that you have faced, as a result of your SCI. Proper bowel management is the answer to your problem. A bowel training program that aims at establishing a routine for emptying your bowels is the safest, most convenient and dependable for you. There is no single unfailing method that would suit everyone. Experimentation is needed in each case to find a method that suits one’s own needs and lifestyle Over a period of time the bowel can be ‘reeducated’ to empty regularly, adequately and at predictable times. The baseline for your program will be similar to the bowel pattern that you had before your injury. Even if you had an irregular bowel habit before your injury it is better to establish a more regular habit now as this will enable you to participate in a fuller social life without the fear of embarrassment of accidents.

    • Make sure you eat a well balanced diet.
    • Eat foods that provide roughage like raw vegetables, fruits, whole fruits with skin, green vegetables, whole grain cereals etc. This would increase the bulk that would make bowel movement easier
    • Drink plenty of fluids. Most fluids help to soften stools. Drink more if you are constipated.
    • Stick to a scheduled bowel program.
    • Keep active.
    09 May 2016
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