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  • Establishing a Bowel Programme
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    A bowel program will work better If you:

    • Do the program everyday and at the same hour
    • Do it even if you have had an accidental bowel movement shortly before or 11 yin; have diarrhea
    • Try the bowel movement at the same time of the day that you had bowel movements before your injury. But chose a time for your bowel routine that is convenient and which allows you sufficient time so you will not be rushed
    • If possible take advantage of the colic reflex’ This is the reflex stimulation of the bowels that occurs 20?30 minutes after meats. Moving the bowels is thereby easier immediately following a meal.
    • Do the program on a toilet seat or pot The bowels work batter sitting than lying Keep as physically active as possible even when in bed for long periods Do exercises to maintain range of motion exercises m paralysed limbs and make frequent position changes. Exercise increases muscle tone and stimulates bowel movement.

    Be patient! The bowels sometimes take days or weeks to change their pattern

    09 May 2016
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    By isic

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