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  • DO’s & DON’Ts while availing cashless approval from TPA
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    • Obtain Pre-Authorization request form from TPA help desk at least 4-5 days prior to planned hospitalization.
    • Inquire the status about the approval from Insurance help desk in the next 24 hrs.
    • Bring all relevant past treatment records while coming to Insurance help desk to seek cashless benefit from TPA.
    • Bring your TPA ID Card, previous year policy copies, ID proof, residence proof.
    • Always confirm your final bill with approval from your respective TPA to avoid hassles in discharge procedure. If your policy amount limit is exhausted please make the payments on your daily bill outstanding.
    • Confirm with your respective TPA regarding exclusion which is not covered & directly payable by patient to the hospital.
    • Co-operate with the Insurance / TPA help desk staff to help them in getting cashless approval from TPA.


    • Don’t insist upon admission at the hospital merely for diagnostic / evaluation / investigation purposes, as it it is not payable by TPA.
    • Don’t insist upon admission on cashless basis before getting approval for the same from TPA.
    • Don’t ask the Doctor / TPA staff to put any fraudulent / misleading information in request form / any other documents.

    In case of any query related to TPA / Corporate please Contact:

    Coordinator Corporate Affairs

    Contact No. : 011-4225 5394
    Fax No. : 26899147, 26898810
    Email : coordinator@isiconline.org
    Timings : 8.00 am to 08.00 pm (Mon to Sat), 9.00 am to 5.30pm (Sundays & Holidays)


    09 May 2016
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