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The Department of Urology & Andrology at Indian spinal injuries centre offers comprehensive and state of the art  urological care at reasonable rates with standards comparable with any elite hospital.
We offer full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services for  prostate diseases, stone disease,reconstructive urological surgery, urological cancers, male and female incontinence, erectile dysfunction Andrology including Infertility & pediatric urology.
Our department is well-equipped with modern urological  facilities including  for Endourological and laparoscopic urological procedures.
Apart from this we are also the Centre of excellence for Neuro-urology   attracting both Indian & overseas patients for evaluation and management of complex neurogenic bladder care.


Endourological surgeries (for Prostate, Bladder and Urinary Tract stones):

TURP , Bipolar TURP,LASER Prostate surgeries with Holmium,Diode,Thulium & KTP LASERS,BNI/TUIP,


Surgeries for Complex Urethral Stricture Diseases:
Buccal & Lingual Mucosal Uretheroplasties,Anstomotic Uretheroplasty ,Perineal Uretherostomy,Optical Internal Urethrotomy, Core through Urethrotomy, Mammocath/Urolume Permanent Uretheral Stents etc.

Prostate Cancer Treatment:
Radical Prostatectomy
Palliative suppotive surgeies like Orchiectomy,Channel TURP.
Facilities also exist for TRUS guided Prostate Biopsy for Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

Bladder Cancer Treatment:
TURBT,Radical Cystectomy with Ileal conduit or Neobladder or Catheterizable pouches,Intravesical Chemotherapy, BCG Immunotherpy,etc.

Kidney & Ureteral Cancer Surgeries:
Radical Nephrectomy & Nephro-ureterectomy both open & Laparoscopic, Partial nephrectomy,etc.

Penile Cancer Surgeries:
Partial Penectomy,Total penectomy,Radical penectomy ,Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB),Standard & Modified Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection,etc.

Testicular Cancer Surgeries:
High Inguinal/Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy,Retoperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND),etc.

Urinary Tract Reconstructive surgeries:
Pyloplasty, Bladder Augmentation(Various types), Boari’s Flap and Ureteric reimplantation, Ureteric Ileal substituition, etc.

Paediatric Urology Surgeries:
Basic procedures like Circumcision,Meatotomy,Meatoplasty,Herniotomy, PUV fulguration, Injection of Deflux, vesicostomy,etc.
Advanced procedures like Hypospadias repair, Laparoscopic/open Orchidopexies Laparoscopic/open Pyeloplasty,Bladder Neck Reconstruction,repair of Exostrophy-Epispadias complex ,etc

Urinary Incontinence surgeries for Males & Females:
Artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) implantation, Interstim Sacral Neuro-modulations, Transobturator & transvaginal Miduretheral Slings, Intra Vasical Botox Injection etc.

Male Infertility Surgeries:
Vasoepididydmal anastomosis, reversal of Vasectomy,TESA,MESA,Tesicular biopsy,
Microsurgical & Laproscopic Variecocelectomy,etc

Male Impotence Surgeries:
Penile Prosthesis-Malleable & Inflatable types.

Surgeries for chronic kidney disease patients requiring dialysis :
AV Fistula, Transposition of veins & AV Grafting, CAPD Catheter insertion.

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