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  • What kind of food should I eat?
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    • Eat a great variety of food
    • Eat more fibre rich foods
    • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
    • Cut down on fat and sugar, especially if you are overweight

    A daily diet should include servings of:

    Non vegetarian

    Meat, fish, chicken, egg


    paneer, lentils, dal, soyabean and yogurt.


    eggs, plus the vegetarian diet These are protein foods needed for muscle repairs and maintenance and they also aid the healing of pressure sores. Remember these products do not have any fibre, therefore it is essential to compliment this with items from the other categories


    (Wheat, maize, bajra etc.), rice or daliya.

    Fruits and Vegetables

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are the sources of vitamins They help the body to fight infections and also for the formation of various body tissues. It is important in wound healing. e.g. pressures sores.

    09 May 2016
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