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  • Traveling in a car
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    Care needs to be taken of preventing any pressure and be careful of the following points:

    • Scraping and knocking hips and bottom when transferring in and out of the car can easily cause a sore.
    • Make sure the car upholstery is not to hot before shifting as this can cause hip burns
    • Most car seats are welt contoured and quite soft and should not cause pressure
    • Beware from burns in the car if you can

    Again care needs to be taken about:

    • Empty your bladder before starting the journey. Incase you are going for a long journey make sure you regulate your fluid intake by not taking much fluid one hour before from when you start your journey.
    • In case of a long journey check your bowel movement by being sure in your mind that you would have no accident. In case of doubt, have your bowel movement before you start your journey, as there is no point in having an accident.
    09 May 2016
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    By isic

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