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    Coronavirus: Advice for people with pre-existing health conditions
    04 May 2020
    The deadly Coronavirus can affect anyone! But the elderly people with other co morbidities at the greater risk of developing severe symptoms. If you have a long-term health condition then instead of feeling anxious you must consult your doctor immediately and strictly follow the guidelines suggested by your doctor. Who is at risk? People mostly recover from Coronavirus after mai ...
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  • isic-spine-pioneer
    ISIC: The Pioneer in Spinal Injuries Care
    04 May 2020

    “The spine is the pillar to health.”

    A healthy spine ensures a happier life! Spine is considered as one of the most important neurological & skeletal structures of the human body. When there’s any discomfort with the spine, visiting a good healthcare organization becomes the need of the hour! If we talk about a good healthcare organiz ...
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